Friday, January 26, 2007

Double Birthday!

Let's begin with Omi. Omi is my T-Maria's gran. She is 80 today and later on we will be celebrating lavishly!

It's weird to think that when my mother was sheltering under the stairs in Liverpool in the 1940s during the air-raids by the Luftwaffe, Omi was living in fear of the allied bombers in Munich.

What a peculiar world it is.

Happy Birthday Omi!

And the other birthday would have been my dad who would have been a year away from getting his telegram from the Queen.

This photo is from just about the time when Omi was being born. Actually he doesn't look old enough there to be anyone's dad!

Oh well,

Happy Birthday dad!


Anji said...

Happy Birthday to Omi! My mother-in-law has often said that during the war they never stopped to think about the ordinary people in Germany who were getting killed and bombed out of their homes.

You do look like your dad.

Nice voice by the way!

Martine said...

And certainly the best of luck to you too.

He will always be part of you.