Saturday, January 06, 2007

FA Cup 3rd Round

Nothing conjures up for me an English January than the expression "FA Cup 3rd Round". Straight away I can picture grey, rain-spattered, muddy, cabbage patch pitches in ramshackle stadiums where non-league teams are taking on the top professionals and hoping somehow to upset the odds.

Of course I mean watching - not playing!

I did enough of playing on grey, rain-spattered, etc. Saturdays afternoons at school - rugby in our case not footie - getting soaked to the skin and streaked and smothered with good old north Liverpool mud.

Anyhow, we take on Arsenal this afternoon ... and we are going to slaughter them!


Anji said...

I live in an arsenal household. I'm told they won this one.

Neutron said...

Oh Anji, you have my deepest sympathy!