Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Fortunately Jimmy has discovered another way of growing!

15...15!! On the one hand it is really hard to believe that Jimmy is 15 already, on the other hand when you think he is already taller than me...

It's also amazing that he has turned out to be such a good lad having been subjected to his two older sisters for so long!!

I remember being really impressed with turning 15. Somehow it seemed much older than 14. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that at that age my dad - with scant respect for the fact that it was totally illegal - taught me to drive... and let me drive on a few occasions from our house to the beach.

Anyway, exactly 15 years ago there we were in the same room - on the same bed for all I know - where my oldest, Nicky, had been born 9 years earlier.

The birth went well - I didn't feel any pain at all - and within 3 hours we were all home again proudly showing off our son to his fascinated sisters and the visitors who popped in.

The great thing about Jimmy is that when he gets interested in a subject he really goes for it. He started in a football team when he was 6 and soon became the key player. I think for 3 years he was the only player who scored. Then he took up guitar and bass; and with a combination of natural talent and hard work ended up in the school Big Band at the age of 13!

Now he's in a couple of theatre groups... so I guess it won't be long till Hollywood calls.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Jimmy Lad!

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Anji said...

Happy Birthday to Jimmy; so glad to hear his birth wasn't too difficult for you!

Has he started to moan about having to shave every other day yet?