Friday, August 19, 2005

The Anfluence of Inkohol

I was really proud of my little Canon BubbleJet 250 printer when I bought it…er…4 years ago(?) but I was not prepared for the seizure I nearly had when I went to buy the first replacement cartridge after the ink in the one supplied had run out…
70DM they wanted…35€…$42.6064... ₤23.7622 (yes, I did look up those last two amounts). Bloody hell – the printer only cost 120DM…erm…let’s see…60€…um…oh do it yourself.

Well, today as I was loitering suspiciously in the local computer shop I found for 9€ ($x,
y) what might be the answer to my inky prayers...

...looks suspiciously like...drugs -
will I become an inkoholic??

I love this kind of thing…
It’s a fill-up-the-old-cartridge-yourself-and-get-ink-all-over-the-fucking-place kit
which is aimed at save-a-few-pennies-but-end-up-paying-out-more-than-you-would-have-
if-you-had-bought-the-normal-thing idiots like me who tend to do-it-ourselves-and-regret-it-forever….
Sorry, have to break off for a moment – I just hyphenventilated.

Anyway, this is a really sinister looking kit. When you peer through the packaging you can see the cute little bottles but what attracted me was the plastic syringe in between them. I very nearly said, “w o w, c o o l” in the shop. But when you open the package… W O W, C O O L …there are all sorts of little devices…yesss!

I haven’t actually tried it out yet but I will. There is a little instruction booklet with it too…but I don’t need that – I will use my inkstinct.


Anonymous said...

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Laura Blair said...

Inkohol - funny! Thanks for the laugh.

doris said...

"inkstinct" LOL! Let us know how you get on with these inks.... just make sure you don't do it over an expensive carpet or rug otherwise the 35 euro might be cheap after all! We've wondered if it is cheaper to buy a new printer with ink on board!

Neutron said...

Hi doris...see latest must have been commenting just as I was writing...weird!
I almost did just what you say...there was a lexmark printer in the same shop for €29 plus cartridge and all that...but then I saw my little bottles and I was entranced...