Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Now that is what you call a beer! Posted by Picasa

I have been meaning to post a picture like this for yonks. This is one of my favourite sights in the summer...my faithful golden friend...

A magnificent beer brewed in a monastery near Munich, Kloster Andechs

That is one thing that Henry VIII really cocked up...messing about with the divorce laws...hmm...ok. Founding your own church...why not? Having one of your wives (or was it two) beheaded...it's not really the PC way any more admittedly...

But closing the monasteries - where they no doubt brewed and distilled wonderful drinkable things...that is just plain stupid!

There are loads of little monasteries around Munich that brew their own beer...and it makes me feel extremely spiritual to visit them.

I will just have to do a photumentary trip there again - for YOU lot...what a bloglife!

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