Friday, August 05, 2005

Computer Capriciousness

Sorry, I have been somewhat absent from the blogosphere this week. This is due to my computers having this kind of "partner" thing - a rage-inducing, foaming-at-the-mouth-causing, about-to-reach-for-the-hammer-provoking tendency to CRASH every five minutes.

It is amazing how many different ways they have to crash too. My laptop - whose name is "Lappy" - seems to favour suddenly switching to a rather fetching pinstripe pattern on the screen - after which you can do nothing...or somewhat less frequently it shifts a section of the screen a little to one side so it looks like a badly aligned slide rule (anyone remember slide rules??). It has lots of other charming idiosyncratic ways of driving me round the logical bend, though

The PC is more robust and straightforward in its crash-behaviour - by the way, in German the word for computer, "Computer" is it's "der Computer" which means that when Germans talk about their computers they tend to say "he", as in "he has crashed" or "he has a virus" or "I laid into him with a hammer" which can cause a bit of confusion - now, where was I? Oh my PC...yeah well he...sorry, it kind of just....crashes....just ...stops... in the middle of nowhere - that's fun too.

So, now I have some semblance of normal operation - touch silicon - I can start to tackle the backlog of work which has mounted up...and then I might get back to being my bloggy self.

I DO have the hammer by my side though -


The Complimenting Commenter said...

I love this post. I think your blog is funny too. Everyone who has had a PC has felt exactly the same way. Thanks for the smile. Good luck.

Neutron said...

Thanks CC! Always a pleasure to have a visit from you.