Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coffee with Dream

Ok, stupid title. Just refers to me drinking a coffee while relating a slightly strange dream I had in the night.

I was having a holiday which consisted of day trips to Greece. On this particular day I had arrived in Ioannina, where, as you regulars will know, I used to live. I was staying in a hotel which was a madeover dream version of the block of flats where I lived there and the room was an enlarged and very much smarter version of my room with its balcony overlooking the lake.

I had just had a shower and got ready to go out when I met a mate of mine who plays in a band with me. We started playing a song in the hallway onto which the hotel rooms opened. From behind one door we heard two voices joining in, singing rather nice harmonies and then the door opened and these two people, a girl and a bloke, invited us in.

The room was quite enormous and well furnished - for some reason I noticed the carpets which were new and light. The somewhat unusual feature of the room were three large pedestals at intervals around the walls upon which were three enormous cylindrical glass tanks each containing a very colourful and large squid. And in the far corner of the room next to a broad window there was another huge squid, about the size of two couches, sitting happily on the floor looking around.

I sat down on a couch and two little squids came over to investigate... like a couple of dogs. I had a coffee and then suddenly remembered I had to leave to get back home as it was only a day trip.

Right, get your dream books and tarot cards out and tell me what all that was about!


Anji said...

My book has squirrels, spiders and snakes but not squid. Must be something you ate.

Dreaming of holidays could be a warning you need to take a break

Neutron said...

I had a feeling squid might not be a "standard" dream image! As for eating one...I am allergic to all that kind of stuff anyway.
Actually, since the dream I am considering having another hypothetical holiday...

Jay said...

You want to watch those squid - they BITE!

What does it mean? Depends on how you felt about it all, but if it was all happy and fun, then I guess it's something to do with life having got suddenly more interesting but .. a little strange.

Does that help? LOL!