Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hypothetical Summer Holiday...

This is thanks to Doris whose comment opened an archive in my memory..

This was my DREAM as a kid... to go off somewhere in a converted double-decker (without Cliff of course).

Actually it's a nifty little song too - in its cheesy way - right down to the key change two-thirds in...

Ahhh... nostalgia - truly a return to pain.

(Sorry the layout's a bit of a dog's dinner in Firefox)


Anji said...

It was lovely to see that again; I think the bus would have been all over the road if he drove like that.

Nice one Doris!

Jay said...

Ooh, I enjoyed that! Of course, I am FAR too young to remember that one the first time around.


*cough cough*

*whistles nonchalently*

Neutron said...

Hi Anji, I a saw a clip on youtube about Cliff having "bus driving lessons" especially for the film!

Hi Jay, bad cough you have there. ;)