Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bad Ads?

I'm not sure if I'm glad or sad to have these AdSense Google links on my website - maybe when the millions start rolling in I will know.
But when I write a blog about Einstein and relativity and then find a link to a website promoting the "idea" that Einstein's predictions (and a lot more besides) are all there in black and white in the Koran, "Relativity in Islam"...well, words fail me! I had a quick look at the website...apparently it's the angels which carry the photons to that god knows what we are up to!
Actually, I suppose that now I have written "Einstein's predictions" there will now be a load of links to Nostradamus and then links to sites which explain how all his comments are also already in the Koran...and so on and so forth...
It reminds me of a story about Carl Sagan: when he was a little kid he was already getting interested in the sky at he went to the local library and asked the librarian for a book about stars...she came back with a volume about a group of those stellar inhabitants of Hollywood!


Chandira said...

I didn't do the Adsense thing, I figured it would take a lot of traffic to get anything back, and didn't want to subject my friends to pop-ups.. Good for you if you get some returns though. :-)

zandperl said...

Currently I'm using the Google Ads as a way to track my traffic more than expecting to get any revenue.

But some of the connections these "content ads" can make are amusing. For example, one Yahoo! Group's page on a skin condition had advertisements for a medication known to make the condition worse! It was so bad the group owners put a warning about the medicine on the entry page.

Neutron said...

Hi chandira and zandperl! Thanks for the messages. I have been running adsense for a couple of months now and it shows returns of just over 30$...! I am amazed to be honest - I expected it to take years to get up to 10 cents...I am looking forward to my first million!

Taoski said...

Never really thought about using the Adsense program. Maybe it will get me that elusive iPod i keep enthusing about...?

Like the blog!

Stephanie said...

I have the same problem; my website is all about whole food nutrition (and whole food supplements, when necessary) and the Google ads that appear are promoting isolated vitamins! Oh well. :)