Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Things Don't Go Away

I noticed that when I was in my home town at the end of May I did not blog anything about my mother. I think it was on the principle that if you ignore things they go away...well, they don't.

She has lost more weight, was just as confused and not-there as last time...and it is really hard to experience this. She didn't really recognise me when I arrived and didn't really react much while I sat there. The closest we got to communication was squeezing each other's hands.

Except for day 9, the day before I left. I went in to her room and she looked at me...she managed to say what sounded like, " I haven't seen you for ages." She was there - and I could talk to her and she obviously understood most of what I was saying...

Later when I got back to her house I found myself babbling to the neighbour about it on the phone...I hadn't noticed that I was so excited...

And? The next day?

When I went in to say goodbye, I walked slowly to the room...I knew what was coming - as I expect you know what is coming - she was back to being not-there again.
But at least she had her day at the beach.

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