Thursday, June 23, 2005

UK Songwriters' Thingy

It happened just by chance...I was looking for freelance writing jobs and there was a link to this songwriters' competition...the "UK Songwriting Contest" which is unbelievably famous all around the world and which I have never heard of.
And just by chance the closing date for submissions in not February this year or April, it's June 30th - i.e. not yet!!
Anyway, that makes 2 lots of "just by chance" and I thought, "well, why the **** not?"
So I am going to enter 2 songs from my CD - 25€ per song - and see what happens. I will keep you all updated...until of course I win and make a fortune at which point I will start a new gloatblog aimed at all you losers!!
If you want to hear what I am entering, here are a couple of links to snippets from the songs...

1) Shining Light
2) The World Is New


panthergirl said...

Hey, thanks for rating my blog on BE. Curious: Why did you give me such low scores for layout and grammar?

(I was particularly surprised to see that you have a generic template.)

I'm still scratching my head over those scores.

Neutron said...

Hi panthergirl, welcome to my blog. You can besure that you are noless curious than I am as to why your blog has a rating from me. I don't even knoew how to do it!! And having looked at your blog in the meantime...I certainly can't see anything to complain about ith the's lovely!
Crossed lines?? Blogged drains??