Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blue with Envy

Heavens above, it's bloody freezing here... -10°C and the sky is clear which makes it even colder. I was walking through one of the companies where I teach this morning at 8.30 and I could feel the skin on my face and the brain in my head turning to ice....brrrrrrrrr..

Of course it also doesn't help to get a text message from T-M in Portugal that she got a bit sunburnt yesterday and that it was 29° PLUS!!! This was not the reason she got this Xmas present flight!

What also doesn't help is that the heating has been on the blink since Xmas and almost packed up altogether yesterday....BRRRRRRRR

The gas people should be here this afternoon...I bloody hope...but that is not enough to stop us turning blue with envy.

1 comment:

maria said...

No wonder you don't want to
walk outside.

I'm freezing just by reading
your cold weather.