Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Jimmy is in the red shirt right in the middle...

My older son is 14 today! And he is already about an inch taller than I am...what do we feed the kids on these days that they grow so tall ?

Up to the age of 11 Jimmy was the star player for the local boys' football team. Then he gave that up and started to learn guitar. I gave him a couple of lessons to begin with and he picked it up in a flash. Meanwhile he has switched to the bass and plays in a few bands, notably the school big band which is pictured above.

They gave a concert before Xmas. Now usually these school concert things are cringe-a-miniute occasions but these kids were really excellent. Under the direction of a highly committed and very popular music teacher they attempted some challenging stuff and brought it off. And there was Jimmy in the middle plucking a mean bass.

It is amazing how proud you can be of your own children! It was the same when he was knocking in the goals for the football team - I used to get such envious looks from the other parents - HA HA! (Sorry, couldn't resist that) .

Happy birthday Jimmy (have you ever thought of taking up car mechanics as a hobby...?)

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Miladysa said...

Happy Birthday Jimmy :)