Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Funny Auld Life, Innit? (Part 1)

...so, there I was cycling over to do a rehearsal of diddly-diddly music for Irish Day on Saturday when who should come up behind me but me old mate Josephine from Brighton whose pub I used to play in many years ago in my slim-waistier days.

"Hey, haven't seen you for ages..." "Yeah, right..."

... etc etc

Jo looked down at my midriff, which is a smidgin rotunder than it used to be, and with typical Josephine-terror-of-the-hockey-field directness pointed a spiky index finger and said,

"...and what's this then?" ...prod prod... "...football's comin' home...??"

So nice to see old friends again, innit?


Anji said...

Funny about this Irish business; we've got two Irish pubs in La Rochelle and an Irish shop (good for stocking up on beans, Marmite and Cadbury's chocolate)

Neutron said...

Do they have live music? Maybe I could do a gig there!!

Anji said...

yes they do! I've never been though