Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Funny Auld Life, Innit (Part 2)

"Right then", I said to myself - stung by these poison-tipped words from Jo, who is still as slim and young-looking as she was 15 years ago, "no beer for you for a while..."

And today, sitting in my 'office' in the midst of a Munich heatwave where the air outside is like thick warm cream, stuck in front on a hot computer, translating dry-as-dust texts about the origins of yodelling and the wonders of Excel functions, I am desperately trying not to think of a cool, refreshing, golden hop and malt brew slipping down my parched throat and quenching a thirst which needs not only fluid but also a certain sugar-based hydro-carbon ingredient...

"So, what's the next text?" as the heat increases and the sticky air outside starts to ooze ominously through the open window like invisible lava...what's next? Ah, economics...that should keep my mind off 'you-know-what...'

"A book about economics with examples of supply and demand drawn from real life and presented in a case study..."

Yep, safe enough...

And just what would this case study about supply and demand happen to be...?

Of all the possible situations this stupid bleedin' git of an author could have chosen, he picked a brewery in a small University town.

Supply of beer - demand for beer - how much beer does the average student need - if the landlord orders x amount of beer will he make a profit... aaaaaarrrgggghhhhhh!!!

You know if I did believe in 'someone up there', then I would have to say that he, she or it has really got it in for me!

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Anji said...

I love the examples in texts. Where I supervise exams there's always a brilliant young graduate from the school in every question waiting to be told what action to take.