Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Bleedin' Feet / Run Off / Right Now / I Am...*

"Inklant are out off ze Verlt Cap", my English students unnecessarily pointed out on Monday, "zey can't shoot ze penalties..!"

Well, far be it from me to engage in Schadenfreude ... but...

So, who's left now? A creaky, linament-soaked Threecolours; the crafty, wily, some would say cheating, Portly Geese and the Azure Squad who are supposed to defend and last night attacked as if they thought catenacchio was a double espresso with cream!

Who do we support now?? I think I will have to go for the pizza snafflers... what do you think??

*the title is just to keep you busy for a little while sorting out syntax


Maz said...

Allez LES BLEUS!!! Allez les bleus!

so long as it is not those porky cheatin' geezers we don't care who we support!

Neutron said...

Hi maz! No I don't care who wins now - as long as it's not France!!

Haddock said...

Allez les bleus!

I'm with the French in the final. Too many divers in the Italain team :)

doris said...

No, not Italy! I don't like their lousy win against Australia in a match where Australia held their own.

So it is France for me if I can be bothered to watch.

doris said...

Umm.. I "didn't like" not don't! Wot sorta Ingish iz dat 4 'eavens sake!

Neutron said...

Non can't all be for the Frogs!!!


(doris, I think you is a-speaking de Italiano there, "I donna like it" - don't worry about have probably just seen too many interviews wiv footballers)