Friday, July 07, 2006

The Quiz...

If you remember I was on quiz on German TV a couple of weeks ago. Well, if you can stand it (I can't) you can now watch it on streaming video - it is in German of course but it is totally excruciatingly embarrasing in any language!

Go to ZDF GlobalPlayer vom 1. Juli , click START

...and be amazed!!!

(By the way, just to give you some idea of the standard here, the original broadcast was at the amazingly unprime time of 01.45 on July 1st!! Unbelievably some people I know saw it - which only goes to show what a sad lot of friends I have!)

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Anji said...

I actually understood a little bit there! (I finished learning German 35 years ago ((did i just say that?)) )I haven't watched all of it yet though.