Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bean Up For Hours...

...I had to get up early to get the bean soup on (see below). Now the smell of the beans, onions and parsley simmering - perhaps swimming would be a better word - in the olive oil is pervading the flat...that makes me think of Greece - as just about everything else does at the moment!

I have just posted chapter 7 of PAME! which is the beginning of the story of my love affair with that Hellenic country and quite a few of the people who have read it have urged me to continue and tell the tale of that year, 30 years ago, when I fell in love with Greece and first realised that it was possible to live somewhere else than in England.

I actually planned ages ago to write a story based on living in Greece but focusing on recipes for my favourite dishes and there was also an idea to do a story which would sort of subconsciously teach the readers a little Greek while they were reading it.

I got as far as the first few pages of the first idea and the title for the second idea!

BUT...maybe I should go ahead and write all these ideas and then put the pieces together in a "Greek compendium"; doing a kind of Homeric starting-in-the-middle thing...hmm...

Time to go a stir the beans, I think.

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