Monday, October 24, 2005

Greeced Lightning

The beans didn't go as soft as I like them to but the taste was fabulous...I just love this meal - especially when you drop little cubes of feta into the sauce and they just start to melt a bit....yummmEEE!!

The galaktobouriko was brilliant too - just one little thing went wrong; as Tanja-Maria was brushing the melted butter onto the layers of filo pastry the bristles started coming out of the brush leaving her holding just the handle when she had finished and making us have to eat the galaktobouriko as if it was a fish which hadn't been boned properly!

It still transported me to Greece though in my thoughts and as I was driving the kids around later to pick up things like bicycles and bass guitars and stuff, I remembered a story about the first year I spent in Greece.

My cousin Margaret has four sons. They are now all strapping lads in their 30s but at the time I was in Greece the oldest would have been around 10 or 11. I heard that they were totally impressed that I was in Greece and they were telling all their schoolfriends.

"Our cousin Phil is in Greece!"


"Phil, our cousin, is in Greece!"

"Really, that's ace!"

None of us could work out why all the kids found this so amazing until one day they came back from the cinema all disappointed and crestfallen.

"We didn't see Phil anywhere...", they complained.

They had been to see Grease - and that was the Greece they had thought I was in!

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