Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fireball XML5

I have put an XML link to my blog down on the right somewhere. I am told this is very good and generally dead wonderful but I don't yet know why...however you are welcome to click on it and it will no doubt do something.
It was dead easy to install too...Feedburner is the website (or was it Beedfurner or Furnbeeder) and they just guide you through the process and you just do it...and there you go.

I even put their animated button on my website for a laugh...they guided me through that too...and that's the bugger of it all. When I did my website: back in the days when I thought FrontPage was a badly spelt and punctuated expression for page one of a newspaper - the page where the footy isn't, I had to do a lot of the html stuff myself and I got quite good at it. In the meantime I just change a few things here and there and now I am buggered if I can remember how to do anything with that spidery language. It's all easy and convenient one click stuff but the only way to learn is to spend hours just trying to get one picture to load on a page...or persuading a link to link - ho's an easy life.

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