Friday, October 14, 2005

Final Friday of my Forties

Blue Gal took me to task for whining about my imminent 50th birthday (here and here). She said, "get over it honey!!" These are wise words and, yes; I should look on the positive side...better to have reached fifty than not to have reached it...mind you I haven't reached it yet so I am being extra careful about crossing the road etc today.

Trouble is I can't help thinking that something is going to change in some odd way. Come to think of it I haven't had this feeling since the day before my 10th birthday when I made a point of studying my face in the bathroom mirror so that I could compare it with my face the next day and see if there had been any changes.

Maybe it is to do with the fact that when my dad turned 50 he spent a lot of time in hospital being very ill...operations and all that...and it was a critical point in his life which transformed him into an "old" man physically at least. And my mother always used to say in a prophet of doom voice, "50 is the dangerous time for a man...if they manage to get through it they can be ok."

The terrible thing is I remember things which happened 30 and 40 years ago - I was there!! My younger daughter Biddy (don't ask) once wanted me to tell her what it was like when the dinosaurs were still alive. I see people I watched as a kid on TV and they look OLD!!! Some of them have bleedin' well died!

Hmmm...two days left and the countdown has started.

Now if I were a cricketer I would be looking forward to reaching my first half-century. Blue Gal is right! I should do it with a four smashed to the mid-on boundary or a six hammered over the bowler's head.

So, where's my linament?


Blue Gal said...

Your Dad's experience could definitely color this birthday. Best to look at yourself in contrast to Dad rather than in comparison to, n'est-ce pas?

Oh. Happy Frickin' Birthday! At 50, the best is yet to come, if Oprah is any authority, and can 35 million blindly obedient American women be wrong? uh, oh, nevermind.

Thanx for the linky.

doris said...

Today's the day?

Happy Birthday! Have you suddenly aged, sprouted old age or wrinkled up? I guess not and hoping you enjoy the second half centruy of your life. It is an achievement even though these days we are much younger than the generations before us.