Sunday, October 02, 2005

O'fest - Final Day

I think I have almost got over my flu/virus or whatever it was. It was certainly a vicious attack on my immune system.
Anyway, tomorrow there is just time to drag myself out of my sick bed and visit the Oktoberfest for my 2nd and last time this year.
Tomorrow is the last day. Normally it would have finished today but as the 3rd October is a public holiday in Germany - The Day of German Reunification - we get one more day to go and get the beers down our necks.
There is also going to be an eclipse of the sun tomorrow - the only problem is that tomorrow's weather forecast says that grey pendulous rainclouds will hang over the city so I doubt we will be observing anything more interesting than the bottoms of our beer glasses.
That'll do at a push, though.

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