Friday, March 03, 2006

Finger Lickin' Good... we went to see Chicken Little - through the deep deep snow and the icy cutting wind - and the film really was dead good.

Just like eating a real chicken you have to dispose of some giblets...the mawkish tin-pot psychology which no Disney film can do this case a disturbed father-son relationship...but the rest is just great hen-tertainment; enhanced in this case by the 3D stuff.
It is the first 3D feature film I have ever seen and all those things you hear about were there...objects hanging in the middle of the cinema, a real sense of depth as alien spaceships fill the sky, recoiling in our seats as an alien hand seemed to reach out almost to grab us.

We kept the 3D glasses on on the way home and got some funny looks - they are quite big Timmy Mallet glasses and the frames are bright green - but this is Munich where people might glance but they won't gawp and they certainly will not smile!

Anyway, for someone whose first job after graduating was in a chicken factory which stunned, killed, plucked and deep-froze any feelings I might have had for the little egg-laying critters, this film went some way to thawing out my emotions for poultry...ah, those chickens, well...they're kind of cute and it's nice to go to a film where there is no fowl language...

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