Saturday, March 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Biddy!!

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" I just have to find the sea.."

My beautiful little Bid is 19 today. How can this be?

13.06 on Friday 11th March 1987 she finally emerged after having a little break for a few minutes when she was half way out. Typical Biddy somehow!

There's a picture somewhere (I will have to dig it out and scan it in later) of Nicky (Bid's big sister) and her best friend Katie leaning over Biddy on the changing table just after we'd brought her home from the, about 6 days old. The next day it turned out that Katie had developed chicken pox and had been totally infectious the day before! And then we learned it was really dangerous for a baby to come down with chicken pox between the ages of five and ten days!!!

So, emergency dash to the Schwabinger Hospital where they had to give the poor little new-born Bid an infusion of special blood plasma...

WARNING: !!!Faint-hearted readers should now look away!!!

...the only vein they can use for little babies apparently is in the there was Little Bid lying in a cot with a drip needle and tube stuck into her forehead screaming her head me the shivers even now...

It all turned out ok though...and suddenly in the twinkle of an eye she is 19 and will be graduating from Art School this summer...and here is a self-portrait..

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