Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sweet Baby James

Spent an evening with a few Starkbiers, T-M - who didn't cook - and watched a James "the-bastard-who-always-makes-me-cry" Taylor DVD.

In the obligatory added-on interview he made two points that I have also been making for years. One is that you write a song and afterwards you can talk about it as if you didn't really write it but you just "heard it first". My image for that has always been fishing in the ocean of songs and if you wait long enough you catch yourself one.

John Fowles made the same point about writing; he said it is as if you are discovering something which has already been written...

Maybe you only understand it if you have done it?

James' other point was that you have to love music and performing it so much that you just couldn't do without it.

For me that means playing with people who put the music first and not themselves. Isn't that the unselfishness of love?

And a good song James? Well, he didn't say it but I bet he would agree with me that it is a distilled bit of love.

Wow, getting pretty silophophical after all this ilcahol...time for a cognac..."and rockabye sweet baby James...kadang-adang."

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