Saturday, November 25, 2006

Passage to India...

So, about a month into their holiday in India my younger daughter Biddy and her two travelling companions have already clocked up an impressive list of experiences. First they got out of steaming Bombay as fast as they could and moved down to Goa to relax.

After that there have been trips to temples, old forts, markets, a ride on rented mopeds which ended face-to-trunk with an elephant; they have been to Kollam where the backwaters are, suffered the Indian equivalent of Montezuma's revenge after eating European food, treated themselves to whole-body Ayurveda massages, bought themselves material which they intend to get made into saris and Biddy even managed to get a bloodsucking leech on her leg - which she insists is really healthy!

It all makes it a bit difficult to mail them back when all you can say is; "erm, the leaves have fallen off the trees here and we had a look at the new Ikea catalogue last Thursday..."


Anji said...

I hope she sees lots more elephants.

Chana said...

i'm so glad that her memories will be full of exciting new sights and sounds, smells and feelings..

how sweet her adventure is.

glad you can keep close eye on her. as a parent i would too and of course i miss her terribly too.