Monday, November 13, 2006

Two Questions for Brain-Boxes Out There

First of all, I am merrily translating away using WORD. The page I am doing has lots of text fields, but that's ok!

I type two wrong letters... oh well!

I hit backspace and the first letter's gone, brilliant!

I hit backspace again... and the whole bleedin' text disappears - not ok, not well, decidedly unbrilliant...

This seems to be a 'feature' of WORD in text field infected pages... but hang on, I'm sorry, what kind of imbecile created that feature? Was it the product of a long Friday afternoon open-end brainstorming session at MicroSoft HQ..?

"Ok, so we can make this feature where you hit the back space twice and the whole text vanishes, what do you think guys?"

"Ok, Bill.."

"Whatever you say, Bill..."

"Sounds great, Bill.."

"Bill, you're the man!!"

The question is:


The second question is a little less technical... it's about pigs.

How many trotters do ten pigs have... assuming none of them have been involved in piggy wars or walked through piggy landmine areas?

In other words is there one trotter at the end of each leg of each pig or are there more...? I originally thought two trotters per leg... but subsequent research has completely bamboozled me... so come on, pig fans out there in Pig County...


Chana said...

i'm more of a turtle or parrot or marine life

no brilliant answers from this end i tell you..;)

but..about Word, microsoft or computers..need i say more..the joke and the punch line is all in one..


Anji said...

I thought A trotter was at the end of a leg so that's four per pig, 40.

I'm not sure I know what a text field is. I'm certainly keeping well away from them.

My favourite trick is forgetting to 'save'.