Friday, November 03, 2006

Telephone Marketing Table Turning

I just got a phone call from a guy trying to persuade me to change my mobile phone provider. He asked if I was from England and when I said yes he started trying to speak English to me. Years ago that really used to piss me off... you speak perfectly fluent German to someone but they insist on speaking broken English back to you. These days I don't mind - it can be quite amusing.
Anyway, after he had made a couple of mistakes I suggested he should buy my book for Germans learning English! He then took down my web address and promised to have a look!

I doubt that it will lead to a sale but it was nice to turn the tables for once.


Anonymous said...

I know that feeling only too well. We've been living in this area longer than most people we know too. Congratulations on the sale!

Ζίτσα said...

Geia sou file
Kala eisai ?
to teleutaio minima sou me agkikse poli
eithela na sou apantiso tote amesos alla den evriska to mail sou .Ta pragmata einai opos akrivos ta les kathe mera prospathis na katanoisis sto gegonos alla einai akomi diskolo.sigoura me to perasma tou xronouola tha ginoun kalitera.

Na eisai kala


Sunflower Optimism said...

I like your humor, Neutron! Your guest Kostas, above, really challenged the 6 years of Greek school I had, about 40 years ago, LOL.

I bet it felt good to try to sell a telemarketer something ;-) As for Buzzy, the clutch may have been an expensive fix - but look at all the free vegetables Ludwig gave you! I am 50 and life has kept getting better since I turned 40 - it sure beats the alternative, LOL. Happy belated birthday!

So glad Dr. John sent me your way today - have a beautiful day!

sleeplessinoklahoma said...

Greetings from the State of Oklahoma!!! What an interesting, fun site!! I am so glad Dr John made you his site for the day. Have a beautiful day.

Blessed be...

cindra said...

Dr. John sent me by...good luck with the book sale...people are funny in the many methods of communications, that's for sure!

QUASAR9 said...

So, you get Germans wanting to make a sale in English

We get our telephine sales calls from India, with people having pretend english names, pretend enfglish voices and pretend english 'speak' - lol!
All in a days work

PS - In case you hadn't guessed I'm a Martian from fortress linna using Google translator, and Dr John told me to remind you to have a great weekend!

Catch said...

Hi! Dr John sent me here. I have been looking through your blog, first of all you have a beautiful daughter, second of all I can imagine wanting to call her every 10 would be the same. Reading your post today, I think as we age we get less pissed off about things, I used to be like a firecracker....but now...I try not to get pissed off too much about anything. Have a nice weekend!


Looking at some pictures, you have a very lovely and beautiful daughter. I wouldn't be able to resist calling her every now and then thinking that such a pretty girl could be so far away from home not knowing what's in store.
Hello, just passing by from Dr. John.

Chana said...

what a treat to be here. dr. John, Mr. Wonderful send us here, Mrs. wonderful suggested your link, Betty-his wife. how pleased i'm of this find.

i'll for sure be back. i have read many of your post and have so much enjoyed my visit. how beautiful is to hear a dad love his daughter so much (daddies are just the greatest) and how sweet you all look. beauty inside and out.

i loved the fun you had with the call. dr. John often posts his calls with them..they are so hillarious. you would surely enjoy the way he turns the table on him too. like you, he is witty and smart.

have a wonderful day. i leave you with best wishes to your daughter, give her a call, i know she would never mind hearing her daddies voice yet again..

Margaret said...

You'll have to check out the fun that Dr. John has when a telemarketer calls. He convinced the last one that she was an undercover spy.

But to actually sell a telemarketer something - that is quite bold, brave and admirable.

Neutron said...

Hi to all you guys from Dr John's inundating me with comments! Thanks for visiting...hope to welcome you all again sometime...