Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dental Arithmetic

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Don't let a dentist come into your mouth. Now is that good advice or what...?! Depends on the dentist I suppose...

To be fair this guy did a good job with the gap where my gold filling used to be but once you let them in to do one thing they just can't hold back and the next thing you know they have started that awful dentist's litany..."4 distal, caries, 5 upper missing, 6 across periodontose, 3 distal xxx...and as they go on and on, you begin to feel more and more worried...I did a lot of dental arithmetic trying to work out how much this was all going to cost me.

And the funny thing is people who used to hate my gold filling now say that they really miss it...!


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doris said...

I've experienced a German dentist too - definitely pricey. I've been blogging about my dental treatment and dentist phobias ..... have got more posts to make. Your post made me laugh.... I know what it is like to sit there and have all these magic words and numbers read out.

I have old mercury fillings from when I was a kid just breaking up and falling out now. It is strange isn't it when that happens.

Neutron said...

Hi Doris, I haven't had the bill yet...he wants to do some more "repair work" first...arrgghhhh!
I'll take a look at you blogs - I can really empathise with dentistphobia..