Friday, July 29, 2005

First Day - Last Day

William's first day...Sept 11th 2001 Posted by Picasa

William, my youngest, finishes junior school today. Is that sad or what!? It seems like only the day before yesterday when he was being interviewed for the newspaper on his first day (Sept 11th 2001 by the way). I know this time flies and seems like only yesterday stuff is a cliché - but like so many clichés it is one because it happens to be true!
I remember when I finished junior school, sitting in the classroom all alone, watching the other kids through the window going home and feeling...what...erm, a nostalgic kind of melancholy... sadness - "this is the last time I will be at this school"...I obviously had difficulties with farewells even then.
William said, "uh is strange..." I think he feels the family melancholy too.


doris said...

Sounds like you and he had nice times at school - otherwise you wouldn't feel melancholy about leaving.

They don't mention all these landmarks in our manuals as parents. I'm still looking for my manual.

Neutron said...

Hi doris, thanks for all the visits and comments!
I think I did have a pretty good time at school and William did too. I wouldn't want to go through it all again though..

As for the melancholy...I think it just runs in our veins in our family - along with gin and various other spirits...

A manual...maybe I could put that on my list of projects-that-never-get-finished..