Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just Remembered

Reading this post Sunny Sunday (thanks, Doris, for the inspiration)…reminded me of the evening before I flew over to Liverpool for my last “visit” to my mother. I knew it was going to be the end for her and I wanted to talk to my kids about it and prepare them for it a little. As it turned out only my two daughters weren't busy and had time but we went out anyway to a local beer garden. We had some beer, shared some memories about their granny and shed some tears.

And the funny thing was that although it had been my intention to help them, they ended up helping me much more! Great kids…


doris said...

:-) Special moments. Don't our kids surprise us sometimes. And isn't that lovely: a memory of having memories shared :-)

(I think it is a survival strategy from our kids.... do just enough to ensure our undying love but the rest of the time screw with our heads and hearts!)

Neutron said...

but isn't it a great unselfish love...being happy with someone else's happiness..