Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm Filling a Gap...

...where my gold filling should be... Posted by Picasa

Bollocky Bill...my gold filling, the one in my front right incisor tooth, the one which has been in since I was 14, has just fallen out! I was just innocently tapping my teeth, as you do, lost in thought...actually thinking about podcasting...and - dink - out it fell. That is a very eerie feeling.

It now looks as though I am a half vampire...and going to the dentist in Germany is a very expensive business too....argghhh!

So it seems as if I will simply have to give up smiling...shouldn't be too difficult.


Janet said...

Keep Smiling! It doesn't look that bad! In fact, it's rather distinguished.

Neutron said...

Why thank you! Unfortunately...as my next blog will show I did get to the dentist and he "fixed" it...now everyone misses my gold filling too..