Saturday, June 10, 2006

3 Lions..etc

England's first game (against Paraguay) is approaching and I am getting NERVOUS!!! Crazy isn't it?

It's a beautiful day here in Munich and I have reserved a table in a local beergarden for 10 persons, so we just need the team to do its stuff.

Munich is seething with fans from all over the world... it's incredibly impressive and colourful as they wander through the centre of town in their different strips, waving their flags and singing their songs... different colours, different languages, different cultures... and so far no trouble...

I am keeping to my prediction that England will win the Cup this time round but I might be reviewing that in the next few days!!

Hinger-land, Hinger-land, Hinger-land...

(...and this from a dyed-in-the-wool, devout non-nationalist - stirs up the passions footy does!)


doris said...

So you won't be blogging within minutes then! Tch!

Have fun :-D

Ingurlund, Ingurlund, Ingurlund

doris said...

Half time... are we enjoying it? You bet :-D