Sunday, June 11, 2006


...ok, so maybe I was a bit too critical of the England team's performance yesterday..but it's all part of the fun; moaning about how the team played, slagging off the players and having a laugh... that's how you get your money's worth if you are an England fan!

On a more serious note...I am in a quiz on national TV on Tuesday...HELP!!

They are doing it with webcams and skype - so I went out and bought a headset yesterday for €4.99. I am still trying to work out how to put the bloody thing on! If I put it over my head like normal headphones the ear-pieces don't reach my ears but if I put it round the back of my neck the earphones keep slipping off...and however I put it on the microphone seems to be either up my nose or round the back of my head!

(Any tips gratefully accepted!)

So, apart from not knowing the answers to any of the questions, I am also going to look like a total wally with the headset stuck halfway up the back of my bonce... maybe if I paint a St. George's cross on my beer belly it will divert attention..


doris said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Neutron said...

Thanks doris...every little helps!