Saturday, June 24, 2006

Back to the World Cup

Germany plays Sweden today...just down the road from me - as I sit here frantically translating away at a text about scaffolding and railings (yes, aaaaahhhhhhhh, is correct at this point!!!).

Brilliant sunny weather here in Munich, the Swedes all seemed to get here yesterday getting pissed at all of our beergardens - IKEA had an open day too to welcome them... probably presenting them with free tacky folding football chairs or some such IKEA tat.

The Germans are driving along the street outside my window; their cars bedecked with German flags... never seen so many German flags on the streets since... well, erm... since that thing we are not supposed to mention, actually.

I was down on the Leopold Strasse last Sunday after the Brazil game and you could hardly move there for fans, banners, samba groups, scantily-clad dancers and so on. They were still at it at 1 a.m. when I was coming home from my gig!

God knows what will happen if they win the bloody thing... ah, but we will never know that anyway - cos WE'RE gonna win it!!!

(That's England by the way!)


doris said...

Enjoy, enjoy!

Anyway, they didn't particularly fly the German national flag during what can not be mentioned did they? At least acording to Hollywood, wasn't it mainly the long life emblem?

Neutron said...

Oh yes, the erm... ancient Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian etc long life emblem..yeah.

Anji said...

why is it always the uninteresting stuff that needs translating? (excepting menus)