Thursday, June 08, 2006

Angels and Demons

I have just whizzed through Dan Brown's book in a couple of days and it is not a bad thriller. My daughter left a copy here which she had borrowed from a friend and so I didn't want to take too long reading it.

There is enough blood and gore to satisfy your average reader but not make you think that the author is psychologically unbalanced...there are some standard plot developments, some totally obvious plot developments but still enough twist and turns and red herrings to have me re-evaluating my opinions on certain characters a couple of times and in a normal world would have had me flicking back through the pages to check things. There are also a good few moments when I had to say out loud things like, "Oh come on..." and "...all this in ONE day..." and a few bits which seemed inconsistent but may have been due to skipping over things too quickly.
And there is a good dollop of Roman Art History thrown in...not bad fodder for a long train journey or a flight somewhere.

Plus, credit to the chap, he got me dreaming about the book last night. I don't recall exactly what the dream was but it had the same atmosphere that I felt in the book. That's quite an achievement really when you think about it, that an author has managed to wheedle his story deeply enough in your subconscious to infiltrate the dream department.

Well done Dan Brown.

Last night I picked up the copy of The Da Vinci Code which my daughter had also left here. At first glance it looks like it might be more of the same but this time in Paris instead of Rome...we will see.


doris said...

LOL silly me, I thought you were describing The Da Vinci Code! Sounds just like the film which I saw this week. Some bits are just not plausible or far-fetched and I need to re-check certain details and the rest is a cracking good yarn. Food for thought too.

Neutron said...

Aye, all in all not 3 bad...