Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hin-ger-land, Hin-ger..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

England's World Cup campaign starts with a... what's the opposite of 'bang'? A 'non-bang'? A 'non-explosive silent sound'?

How about, "England's World Cup campaign starts with a very slight, almost inaudible, tiny little noise"?

A bloke at the next table to us actually went to sleep in the second half!

We were joking that the lads were suffering from the heat and came back to find that that was exactly the excuse they had used! Becks was quoted as saying, "you have no idea how hot it was out there". Erm, excuse me... but doesn't he play in SPAIN???

Anyway, Sven was "very happy" with the performance having presumably watched a different game and we had to put up with a succession of players who pointed out, "well, we got de free points - 'at's the main fing."



doris said...

You have to admit that the first half was better. Good ball control and I actually felt they were playing as a team. One of the TV commentators at the end made the point that if England had played a rubbish first half and a second half like the first half was (which was good) then we'd be remembering the good stuff more. It think there is a good point there.

This is the first time I have seen Beckham play and can see why he has the status he has. He had some good moves and tackled well.

I don't know why but for some reason the World Cup raises my testosterone levels! Hmmmm

Neutron said...

Aye, ok...I was being a little harsh however we really failed to capitalise on a wonderful start; early goal, opposion in disarray etc etc... but we still piddled around too much.
As for the testosterone.. (LOL by the way!) there are always opportunities for bearded ladies in the circus! ;-)

Haddock said...

Unfortunately England played crap. At least the hordes in Frankfurt behaved themselves :)

Neutron said...

De free points is de main fing