Saturday, June 03, 2006

Here Comes That First Million Again...

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To celebrate Whitsun I am going to do a little shameless advertising! Well, if I don't advertise my stuff who will...? Certainly not AdSense!

Up there is my blog for English learners, English is Easy! which is gradually getting more and more hits and return visits even though I haven't really done anything to promote it yet.

If you are learning English - or indeed if you teach English - you might find it helpful to go and have a look.

The next step will be a website for learners of this wonderful but sometimes ...erm ...rather strangely-put-together language where there will be exercises, games and mp3s to do, play and listen to and more stuff like that. This will gradually attract quadzillions of visitors; advertisers will be begging me to let them have space... and that 1st million will be in the bag!

I have even registered a web address for all this and I was going to put up a temporary sort of marker website when I realised that I just could not remember how to set up a website!!!
I got my first website going years ago ...took me months to do it, too ...and now I come to need to do it again ...I have not the slightest idea how I did it!!
It's a bit embarrassing to have to search the net for tips on how to get your website up and running ..but it's for a good cause... that first million!!


Anji said...

I was interested to see your other website and that you are involved with music around Munich. You don't happen to have bumped into my cousin, do you?

Neutron said...

Hi Anji! Thanks for coming...erm Paul Armfield...doesn't ring a bell. Let me have a look at his website and I'll get back to you!