Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Another Thousand Years to Wait...

Bugger, I missed it...! I was just writing some bills - one of my least favourite jobs - when I realised I had forgotten to remember...

This morning at 6 minutes past 6 it was officially:


I was awake at that time but failed to recall, in my slumbery waking up delirium, that I wanted to remember.

Don't actually know what I would have done had I remembered...probably a sort of wry, meaningful look out of the window and maybe a knowing nod but I'll never know now anyway.

I remember being impressed in the third year at Junior School with 6th June 1966 which was 6.6.66 and also just after my final exams at university in July 1977; 7.7.77 and so on in August 88 and September 99 but this would have been even more special.

Still, next year there will be:


Well worth waiting for! Will someone please remind me??


Haddock said...

I'm glad that someone else thinks of these things as well. I remembered a couple of minutes after the event this morning whilst at work. But I did remember at 07:06 that the event would be occuring again back in blighty! :)

Neutron said...

Hi Haddock! We dreamers have to stick together you know...actually come to think of it wasn't the world supposed to end too?